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What is & why YourApps?

YourApps is a new, powerful, top-of-the-range application bot designed to streamline the process of getting staff for your servers.

With simple setup and usage, yourapps is 44% faster than using google forms*, meaning you can get staff faster than ever

Here's just some of our features:

Simple, interactive setup.

Yourapps' setup command (ya?config new) is entirely interactive, and guides you through creating a new application, step by step!

Gif showing the setup process

Applying should be simple...

Literally just one command. Thats all it takes to apply. We even have "appbuttons" (below), which means you don't even need to type a command to apply! Just react to a message, and the bot starts applying!

Gif showing the apply command

reviewing, made easier.

The review command is also entirely interactive, and handles all the messy stuff for you. All you have to do is read the submission, and hit one of four emojis, and the bot handles the rest (DMing the user their approval status, assinging/removing roles, etc)!

Gif showing the review command

Like we said, applying should be simple!

So simple in fact, that all you have to is click a button! No keyboard usage required!

Gif showing appbuttons

What some of our users said about us: